Our latest projects and events

Families today face many challenges and circumstances that negatively impact on their functioning and the communities in which they live. We have a responsibility to address these factors and make a constructive contribution towards uplifting the youth, children and families.

First Teen Parenting Program At Magdalena Huis

Usapho Foundation started their First Teen Parenting Program this week with the amazing girls at Magdalena Huis. 👭👭 We are […]

Train The Trainer (TOT)

Usapho hosted a Positive Parenting Coaching Train the Trainer workshop that was held at the Lions Club in Durbanville. The […]

Leonsdale ECD

Leonsdale ECD once again opened their school and hearts to USAPHO Foundation and actively recruited parents for the Positive Parenting […]

Another Successful Teen Parenting Program

The girls at Magdalena Huis successfully finished our Teen parenting program. The growth and character that has been built amongst […]

Little Nemo Educare

These parents were excited and actively participated in all the sessions. The participants were exceptionally committed to the sessions and […]

Positive Parenting Coaching Program

A third Positive Parenting Coaching Program was facilitated at Kensington Treatment Centre, with 28 mothers successfully completing the course!! These […]

Positive Parenting Coaching Program

Another successful Positive Parenting Coaching Program was completed at Kensington Treatment Centre with 28 mothers. These women were not only […]

Fisantekraal Exibition (Magdalena Huis)

Usapho Foundation had the opportunity to attend a “Movember” exhibition in the Fisantekraal Community Hall presented by Magdalena Huis. With […]

Parenting Poem

This week we want to share with you this amazing poem written by one of the participants attending Usapho’s Positive […]

Positive Teenage Parenting Coaching Day Camp

10 Teen mothers and three teenage fathers attended USAPHO Foundation’s Positive Teenage Parenting Coaching Day Camp in Durbanville over the […]


These amazing and intelligent women from Shiloh have completed our Positive Parenting Coaching Program. Watching these beautiful women grow each […]

WonLife Early Learning Center in Fisantekraal

Another successful group was completed at WonLife Early Learning Center in Fisantekraal. They were a very engaging and creative group, […]