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Families today face many challenges and circumstances that negatively impact on their functioning and the communities in which they live. We have a responsibility to address these factors and make a constructive contribution towards uplifting the youth, children and families.

Usapho Foundation Gala Event

Wishing you a blessed Christmas from Usapho Foundation!

This past year has been extremely challenging for everyone and we are grateful that we can still continue to impact […]

Feed a Family for R250

PRESS RELEASE:USAPHO FOUNDATION IS FEEDING FAMILIES FOR R250. At USAPHO Foundation we believe that building a better nation starts with […]

Meet Merrel Grootboom

Merrel Grootboom, mother of 2 twin daughters, Chloe and Claire aged 23. She is a Social Work Supervisor at the […]

Tea Time With Usapho on Sundays at 4pm

    Join us every Sunday 4pm as we will share the everyday women’s journey to discuss how we can […]

Tea Time With Usapho

Join us every Sunday 4pm as we will share the everyday women’s journey to discuss how we can empower and […]

First Teen Parenting Program At Magdalena Huis

Usapho Foundation started their First Teen Parenting Program this week with the amazing girls at Magdalena Huis. ?? We are […]

Train The Trainer (TOT)

Usapho hosted a Positive Parenting Coaching Train the Trainer workshop that was held at the Lions Club in Durbanville. The […]

Leonsdale ECD

Leonsdale ECD once again opened their school and hearts to USAPHO Foundation and actively recruited parents for the Positive Parenting […]

Another Successful Teen Parenting Program

The girls at Magdalena Huis successfully finished our Teen parenting program. The growth and character that has been built amongst […]

Little Nemo Educare

These parents were excited and actively participated in all the sessions. The participants were exceptionally committed to the sessions and […]

Positive Parenting Coaching Program

A third Positive Parenting Coaching Program was facilitated at Kensington Treatment Centre, with 28 mothers successfully completing the course!! These […]

Positive Parenting Coaching Program

Another successful Positive Parenting Coaching Program was completed at Kensington Treatment Centre with 28 mothers. These women were not only […]

Fisantekraal Exibition (Magdalena Huis)

Usapho Foundation had the opportunity to attend a “Movember” exhibition in the Fisantekraal Community Hall presented by Magdalena Huis. With […]

Parenting Poem

This week we want to share with you this amazing poem written by one of the participants attending Usapho’s Positive […]

Positive Teenage Parenting Coaching Day Camp

10 Teen mothers and three teenage fathers attended USAPHO Foundation’s Positive Teenage Parenting Coaching Day Camp in Durbanville over the […]


These amazing and intelligent women from Shiloh have completed our Positive Parenting Coaching Program. Watching these beautiful women grow each […]

WonLife Early Learning Center in Fisantekraal

Another successful group was completed at WonLife Early Learning Center in Fisantekraal. They were a very engaging and creative group, […]