fatherhood programme

Teen Parenting

Teaching responsibility
to young parents

We train and equip teen parents with parenting and life skills so that they can function well within their families and communities.

Programme is offered in schools in Wallacedene, Bloekombos, Fisantekraal and Brackenfell

15 – 20 participants per programme between 14 – 23 years of age

20 session workshop over ± 10 weeks

Course outline and outcomes – Content includes: manage roles being teenagers and being parents; understanding their children; building self-esteem; love and relationships; sexuality, HIV & AIDS; UBUNTU and managing money and ways to generate an income

Programme includes a weekend camp

Teen Mothers Programme

The South African government realizes that stable, healthy families are at the heart of strong societies and it is clearly stated in the White Paper on Families in South Africa, published in October 2012.

This is an initiative aimed at Grades 9 to 12 students with the key focus on equipping students with effective parenting skills and the necessary support group structures. Through weekly workshops, these girls are afforded the opportunity to learn and grow and utilizing their own experiences as children and learning better ways to facilitate the upbringing of their kids.

We aim to provide our programmes through the delivery of workshops focusing on Life Skills training and training based on the Circle of Courage model. Other initiatives in this area include leadership programmes for youth, and counselling services.

We plan to run parenting education programmes to strengthen child protection measures.

Usapho will rely on grant funding, sponsorships, philanthropic giving and other revenue initiatives to fund its programs and will seek to build strategic relationships with partners that will support and enable its objectives and programmes.

Teen Fathers Programme

Hector Petersen High - Teen Tatas Program 2015

“Absent fathers is a great concern in our society. We aim to promote positive male involvement in families and focus on fatherhood programmes, to reassure them of the importance of the role of a father/male role model in a family.”

The first Teen Tatas programme previously consisted of 8 young teenage fathers who were dedicated to educating themselves in ways of positive parenting. They are motivated to be the best fathers that they can be. Some of the key focus areas of their weekly workshops included learning about self-esteem, discipline and managing finances. The students are still very motivated to grow and develop with the development of the programme and are currently in a support group.

Future Work…

As absent fathers is a reality in South African society, we aim to actively recruit young fathers within the schools in the community, including those who fathered children with the teen mothers in our Teen Parenting Mothers group. We aim to teach these young men their roles and responsibilities as fathers, as well as empower them to “be present” fathers. Where possible, any child needs both parents, and we hope to introduce the teen fathers into socialisation process for and with their children, and thereby instill a balanced view and sense of self.