Our aim is to build better families

We provide ongoing mentoring and support for the participants and their children that will take place over a period of ± 3 years. Practical implementation is offered for challenges participants in our programs might experience.


With the incidence of Gender Based Violence drastically and unnervingly on the increase, USAPHO Foundation has heard the resounding call for intervention and have therefore developed our Amandla Project as an interactive workshop, focusing on the prevention of this horrendous phenomenon.

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We have trained professionals who render counselling services to different family members. Most of our requests for psychosocial support we get from schools and referring organisations in the communities we work in.

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Empowering father and male caregivers to be positive role models, while accepting their responsibilities in their families and communities.

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To equip parents / caregivers with parenting skills as part of preventative strategies in child protection intervention.

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Support Services

To provide psychosocial support services to any individual or members within different types of families that need intervention to facilitate effective relationships.

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We train and equip teen parents with parenting and life skills so that they can function well within their families and communities.

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Our success stories

  • Amanda
    "I know how to budget for my child’s needs."
  • Siyabonga
    "I lacked parenting skills but now I have a better understanding of what is expected from me."
  • Ayanda
    "I feel good about myself."
  • Lulutho
    "I understand the feelings of my child because there is now communication between me and my child."
  • Nosipho
    "I was afraid to talk in front of people but after the programme I can confidently do it now."
  • Balisa
    "I know how to discipline my child without hitting her."
  • Aviwe
    "I gain a lot of experience in the group to become a better father."

Our past success programmes

Sexual Health And Reproduction

To train and counsel teen parents with parenting and life skills to equip them to function well within families and […]

Reduction Of Stigma And Discrimination Of PLHIV And TB

To actively reduced stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV & TB, advocating equal treatment and social justice. This […]

The First 1000 Days Of A Child

To provide mothers with the necessary information regarding the needs of their infants within the first 1000 days of their […]