Our programmes

Building better families

Our vision is to be the preferred service provider of choice in building better families. We seek to empower families through specific preventative and developmental intervention programmes that will assist in meeting the needs of vulnerable groups in certain deprived communities.


To empower fathers and male caregivers into positive role models while accepting their responsibilities laid upon them by their families, children and communities.

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To equip parents / caregivers with parenting skills as part of preventative strategies in child protection intervention.

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Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination of PLHIV and TB

To actively reduced stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV & TB, advocating equal treatment and social justice.

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Sexual Health
and Reproduction

To train and counsel teen parents with parenting and life skills to equip them to function well within families and the broader community.

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To train and counsel teen parents with parenting and life skills to equip them to function well within families and the broader community.

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The First 1000 Days
of a Child

To provide mothers with the necessary information regarding the needs of their infants within the first 1000 days of their lives.

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Why us

We are good at what we do

In June 2019, a group of students from Henley Business School performed a second reputational study of our organization. The result was 100% trust rate from our stakeholders.


Our success stories

  • Aviwe
    "I gain a lot of experience in the group to become a better father."
  • Ayanda
    "I feel good about myself."
  • Balisa
    "I know how to discipline my child without hitting her."
  • Nosipho
    "I was afraid to talk in front of people but after the programme I can confidently do it now."
  • Lulutho
    "I understand the feelings of my child because there is now communication between me and my child."
  • Siyabonga
    "I lacked parenting skills but now I have a better understanding of what is expected from me."
  • Amanda
    "I know how to budget for my child’s needs."

How can you help

Fundraising and donations
are our lifeblood

Being an NPO inspires us with being resourceful with regard to funding. Funding is the lifeblood of ensuring services are effectively delivered to the communities we serve.

Formal funding

  • Financial Investment
  • Program costs
  • Overheads
  • Branded vehicle & transport
  • Access to strategic human capital

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  • Monthly financial sponsorships
  • Sponsorship of goods
  • Sponsorship of refreshments
  • Venue sponsorships
  • Other relevant items

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Fundraising events

Usapho runs many fundraising events throughout the year. Go to our news page to see more.

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Sponsors & parnters

Help us further our goal


Our latest projects and events

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Positive Parenting Coaching Program

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Positive Parenting Coaching Program

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