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Why do you do what you do?

We believe that everyone deserves the right to belong to a great family.

Who is your target group?

All Parents and Families needing counselling services, interventions and referrals. Families needing interventions through preventative measures.

What is this organisation all about?

Building better families through interactive workshops, Positive Parenting Coaching and counselling services.

Where does funding come from?

Funding primarily comes from private funders – people and institutions who see the value and need in the services that we provide. We acknowledge funders such as Nedbank Foundation and Joostenberg Brick Project who have been pivotal in the ongoing facilitation of our programmes. We host various fundraising events and run initiatives to raise funds for the organisation, organisational needs and programmes.

What are the programmes that you run?

Positive Parenting Coaching Worskshops – Teaching parents how to understand, listen, love and build their children into productive and strong members of the community. Teenage Parenting Workshops – teaching teenage parents how to juggle the responsibilities of being children, learners and parents and providing the best that they can for their little ones. Individual, family, pre-marital and marital counselling.

How can I support the organisation?

Through donations, office supplies, equipment; supplies (stationery), and refreshments for community groups, offering specific services – whether professional or of other skill sets and means. See our needs list for more specific needs.

Are there any benefits to supporting the organisation?

Section 18 A receipts can be issued for tax purposes to individuals making monetary donations. Personal growth and reward through being a part of and affecting a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate.

What benefits are there for corporates supporting the organisation?

Section 18 A receipts can be issued for corporates donating to the organisation for tax purposes.

What are the issues that you address in counselling?

  • Positive Parenting
  • Challenges in different types of families such as blended families
  • Pre-Marital and Marital Counselling – addressing different challenges
  • Facilitating effective relationships

How many families have you impacted in your programme?

296 families - 2016

What is the feedback that you have received from beneficiaries?

Please see our testimonials.