Amandla Project

Amandla Project – Men’s Program

With the incidence of Gender Based Violence drastically and unnervingly on the increase, USAPHO Foundation has heard the resounding call for intervention and have therefore developed our Amandla Project as an interactive workshop, focusing on the prevention of this horrendous phenomenon.

Targeting men in the community, we aim to educate this group with alternatives to violence. Whereas we are acutely aware that not all men are perpetrators, alongside our Fatherhood Program, our mission is to empower men to not stand by while our women, children and families are under attack, but rather to understand their purpose and role in this fight for justice and equality.

Modules include understanding violence and defining various forms of abuse, how to adopt a non-violent approach and considering Anti-Violence. We hope that with input regarding the sources and history of violence, conflict management, as well as learning effective communication tools, we can strengthen the male role and their capacity as fathers, husbands, boyfriends and partners.

Amandla Project – Boys Program

Compassion, empathy and understanding needs to be taught from a young age, and USAPHO strives to do just that, especially considering the debilitating state of Nation and statistics with regards to Gender Based Violence. Through our Amandla Project, specifically designed to target boys at a Primary and High School Level, we aim to assist young men in realizing their potential as future partners and fathers.

In an easy to understand, interactive workshop, we address issues such as the role that society plays in gender stereotypes and norms, and ultimately breaking the mold before damage results in a violent circle. We are taught that boys don’t cry, certain activities remain dominated by either sex, and the understanding and acceptance of gender identity is taboo. With the Amandla Project, boys are empowered to see the worth in not only their roles, but of that of all persons, especially the females around them.

Focusing on the importance of identity and the respect thereof, adopting a non-violent approach and communication tools, USAPHO Foundation speaks to the hearts and minds of young males, to break the invasive cycle of abuse.

Amandla Project – Survivors Program

The shift from victim to survivor is oftentimes a difficult and arduous task, and the stigma surrounding survivors of Gender Based Violence is sadly astounding. Fears of rejection, shame and guilt are rife, and all power appears lost.

USAPHO Foundation’s Amandla Project, geared towards SURVIVORS of Gender Based Violence, aims to enable and strengthen individuals who have been abused, by reclaiming their power. A positive self-Esteem is of utmost importance, and our program looks at how essential this element is, and how one can improve on it.

We also aim to allow survivors to support each other, and through support groups, with the relevant communication tools, be able to walk through their journey with their heads held high while assisting each other where possible.

This program also includes understanding violence and adopting a non-violent approach, with an emphasis on the different types of abuse. So often we think that because we do not have bruises, we have not been abused, and yet the roots run deep when considering the implications of sexual, emotional, and even financial abuse.

The Amandla Project we believe is exactly what the Nation needs at this crucial time, empowering survivors and educating all.

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