fatherhood programme

Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination of PLHIV And TB

Advocating equal treatment
and social justice

To actively reduced stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV & TB, advocating equal treatment and social justice.

  • This program was specifically focussing on Fisantekraal as a community to address the issue of Stigma and Discrimination
  • Stigma and discrimination impact negatively on HIV prevention and treatment and must be addressed as it is a barrier to the increase and uptake of health services.
  • We facilitated community dialogues which resulted in a steering committee being formed and thereby action plans implemented
  • SDR support groups were facilitated that empowered community members to speak about matters pertaining to stigma and discrimination.
  • We were able to network with relevant stakeholders to bring much needed services to the community through Jamborees and community awareness events.